How to Add Contact Forms

Contact Forms are one of the most important elements on websites as they help to protect against spam. This tutorial will help you on how to add contact forms with the following steps below:

1. Click the OVA Builder button in the top dark bar under the URL.

2. Click on the blue plus symbol in the top right hand corner to view elements.

3. You can find the Contact Form element in the Action section of the Modules tab or you can click on the Search Tool icon and type in Contact Form.

4. Click and drag a Contact Form element onto a desired location of the website page.

5. Once clicked on, a settings box will appear to help you customise the Contact Form however you like.

6. Once done, click Save at the bottom of the settings box.

7. Click the Done button in the top right hand corner before clicking Publish to finalise your changes.

Tip: Double checking doesn't hurt. Always be sure to test out your contact form after you have completed your changes! Fill out a test message to be sure that your contact form is going to the email that you want it to.