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A fully featured website platform built in Australia for Australian Businesses

We get it. When you're running your own business or even starting a new one, you have enough to worry about. You don't have time to learn a new skillset, you just want to get online with all your hair intact. What you need is a great looking website that, ranks well on Google and for someone else to handle all the technical stuff. Right? You probably also want something that is going to have the power to grow with your business over time while giving you the flexibility to add new features like marketing tools and eCommerce solutions.

We are an Australian owned company and we host your website locally that means better security and blazing fast speeds, which is better for you, your customers and your Google ranking.

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Drop & drag with fast responsive controls

Coding? Yuck. Who wants to know about that. We get it, you just want simple controls but still the ability to create flexible layouts. We've been building custom websites for years and customers more than ever desire robust tools that are simple to use but provide direct feedback. Our website builder is fast, like really fast and its smart too. It's simple and intuitive enough for newbies but still advanced enough that nothing is off limits in terms of layout.

You will get an immediate response when you change text and images, even modify the layout of your site and see it change before your eyes. No need to preview and try again. Get it right the first time, hit publish and move on.

Everything you need, up front and even on the most basic plan

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Quality Storage & Backups

We make sure your website is running smoothly and always backed up for peace of mind. High speed, solid-state storage with regular backups with options for expansion in the future.

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Domain & SSL Certificate

All our sites are stored on high speed SSD storage with DDoS protection and SSL certificates for secure shopping and browsing. That's good for your Google ranking by the way.

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Great On All Devices

You don't need to be a web design expert. That's our job! All our templates work on mobile out of the box. Just add your text and images and our software will do the rest.

We are happy to talk or type

Any Questions?

Unlike many other website builders, the team who manage OVA are also the support team. That means you won't be endlessly transferred around without your problem being solved. We can answer all your questions on the spot and even bother to learn your name. Sound good?