Plan for success, be prepared for the journey

We assume that you're going to be a great success! OVA was created by Hi Tech Creative to offer a website building platform that was prepared to evolve to customers' needs. We were hearing from customers that current website builders provide the bare minimum then tack on costs by restricting visitors, products and user accounts. In the end, what started as an asset quickly turns into a liability. Want to get out? Be prepared to say goodbye to your website and start all over again. You never truly own your business with a model like that.

We saw a gap in the market where other website building platforms weren't offering the full package from the start. OVA gives you everything you need with the option to customise or breakaway on your own if you like.

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A website builder that doesn't hold you back

Just like your first car, we all eventually need an upgrade. Something that can better accommodate our needs, has more space or just looks more flash. We all outgrow our cars eventually and with time comes change. Websites are no different. Other website building platforms are restrictive for growth as they cannot be tailored for niche requirements. We think long term about your business and what it takes for a website to change with it.

Rather than creating a closed-source product we tapped into the flexibility and power of open-source software and have put together a website building platform built on WordPress, a platform that supports over 30% of the web. This allows you to tailor your website's features to your specific needs. OVA's website building platform allows businesses and individuals to grow to limitless size and has the capacity for complex online stores, booking, CRM integration and other advanced functionality beyond what other platforms can offer.

Very simple, yet actually really powerful

We all know that efficiency is crucial to a business. At OVA, our website builder is fast, like really fast and its smart too. It's simple and intuitive enough for newbies but still advanced enough that nothing is off limits in terms of layout. You will get an immediate response when you change text and images, even modify the layout of your website and see it change before your eyes. No need to preview and try again! Get it right the first time, hit publish and move on.


Want to get really clever? Don't worry, you can do that too. Write your own CSS, Javascript or use our custom responsive editor for bespoke mobile layouts. Have no idea what that means? Thats fine also, our web builder will do it all automatically unless you tell it otherwise.

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Always Up to Date, Fast & Secure

Insurance against the worst case is never a bad idea. Cheaper page builders do not guarantee backups and/or cut costs by storing them on the same server as your website. It's a bit like leaving your photo albums in a burning house to keep them safe. We keep regular backups of your website, stored on a separate server. Our web team monitor your website status 24/7 and perform all the necessary software updates for you. Our web builder tracks all your changes and keeps a history of each one and we will even restore backups for you if required for free.

All sites are stored in Australia, not overseas. All are stored on high speed SSD storage with high quality hardware, DDoS protection and SSL certificates for secure shopping and browsing. That's good for your Google ranking by the way and you won't pay any extra for it.

Powerful eCommerce, 0% Commission

All of our eCommerce templates come pre-installed with WooCommerce, an open-source and completely customisable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination. Create variable products, digital-only items, generate powerful sales reports and provide restricted access for shop managers or staff.


We won't ever charge you a commission on sales and you aren't limit to a certain number of products, customers, sales or coupons.


For more information on WooCommerce click here.

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SEO Optimised & Mobile Ready

Making sure your website ranks as high as possible on search engines like Google is a bit of a dark art. There is no way to go to the top other than good ol’ fashioned hardwork. You need the tools to make sure that search engines can find as much information about your website as possible.  OVA gives you all the tools you could possibly need even on the most basic plan, not hidden behind an expensive paywall. Set meta descriptions, focus keywords, schema data and more. No idea what that means? No problem. Just sign up to our Builder or Care plans and our team will do it all for you.

What about mobile? Well we have you covered there as well. All our templates fully support mobile and our page builder uses a mobile compatible framework so you don’t even have to think about it. Of course if you want to really impress you can create custom mobile layouts too. Smart stuff if you ask us.

Bookings & Reservations

Help make the booking experience more enjoyable for you and your customers. OVA gives you the power to accept online reservations for your restaurant or cafe. Set reservation windows, manually add new bookings, set auto confirmation based on party size and much more!


With OVA you can completely customise the design and tailor the content of notification messages to bring personalised messages to your customers and users.

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Lead Generation, Pop-ups & CRM support

Help your business grow with useful pop-ups and lead generating campaigns. Stimulate and capture interest or enquiry into your products or services. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.

OVA's tools marketing tools allow you to create a range of effective call-to-action items including opt-in forms, popups, notification bars and embedded forms to capture potential customers.


Our platform supports the integration of a vast range of CRM software. Eliminating the need for repetitive entry and helping to provide a better focus on customer relationships in an efficient manner.