If you ask us, these are some of the most important things to consider when setting up a website and a business. Core features include services related to hosting such as backups, security and support.

  • Bandwidth

    With unlimited bandwidth, you can have peace of mind that the amount of data allowed to pass to and from your website isn't capped by any limits.

  • Unlimited User Accounts

    OVA's unlimited user accounts means that your staff members can each have a website user account, no matter the size of business.

  • DDoS-Protected Network

    DDoS attacks exhaust a website's resources so that the original user cannot gain access. Our systems protect you against this.

  • Visitor Metrics

    OVA allows you to track and monitor visitors to your website giving you valuable marketing insight into how users are interacting with your website.

  • Blogging Support

    Looking for a website that has blogging capabilities? No problem! OVA's easy-to-use blogging support will get you up and running.

  • SEO Optimised

    OVA provides every website with built-in tools and features that help to improve search engine optimisation so that you don't have to.

  • High Quality Icons

    Vast library of modern icons including those for all popular social media. Scale and change colours, all integrated into OVA

  • Aussie Support

    We provide, phone and email support to help you and you'll be speaking with our Aussie team with no language barrier.

  • SSL Certificate

    Without an SSL Certificate your website will be flagged as insecure and this can affect your Google ranking. All OVA plans include an SSL for free.

  • Icon Library

    Get vector icons and social logos on your website with OVA's extensive icon library, including Font Awesome and Ultimate Icons libraries.

  • Off-site Backups

    We take backups seriously. In the event of anything catastrophic we always have a separate backup of your website stored on a separate server for peace of mind.

  • Advanced Template Editor

    Modify site-wide template elements such as fonts, global colours as well as header, footer and menu layouts. No coding required!

  • Built On WordPress

    WordPress powers over 33.4% of the top 10 million sites on the web! OVA is built on WordPress meaning it is flexible, adaptable and user friendly.

  • Mobile Device Ready

    OVA makes sure that your website is always looking schmick across all devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

  • Domain Registration

    Want to register No problem. We will do it for you, for the life of your OVA subscription. No hidden renewal fees like others!

  • Australian Based Hosting

    Our hosting servers are based in Australia using the latest data centre infrastructure. They are high security, reliable and blazing fast.

  • 1.5 Million+ Stock Images*

    Having trouble finding images to use for your website? OVA's stock image libraries can help find what you need with copyright free images.

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder

    OVA's easy-to-use drag and drop page builder helps users of any skill level to create, design and layout your website pages.

  • Gallery Modules

    Looking to showcase your work? OVA's video and image gallery modules have you covered with a variety of stylish layouts and designs.

  • Google Analytics

    OVA is compatible with Google Analytics so that you can make the most out of your business online.

  • Automated Google Compatible Sitemap

    OVA makes it easy to automate and update Google compatible sitemaps, which is a complete list of pages on a website.


Having an array of marketing tools can help your business flourish. Marketing helps to maintain and reinforce beneficial relationships with users and potential customers.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    OVA provides you with easy integration of Google Analytics to help you track and receive website reports of website traffic giving crucial information to tweaking SEO.

  • CRM Tracking Support

    Customer Relationship Management tracking support allows the integration of your businesses CRM software into your website.

  • Promotional Pop-Ups & Lead Generation

    Help your business grow with useful pop-ups and campaigns. Influence a customer's focus, provide suggestions and create powerful engagements.

  • Advanced SEO Tools

    OVA lets customise and tailor SEO data to help your business's needs. Reach even more potential customers through search engines.

  • Google Knowledge Graph

    OVA helps to enhance your business information on Google. The Google Knowledge Graph is the info-box next to the search results.

  • HubSpot CRM Integration Support

    This feature eliminates the need for repetitive entry and helps to provide focus on customer relationships in an efficient manner.

  • Facebook Open Graph

    Open Graphs help you to control content for optimal display on Facebook. Facebook Open Graph allows you to customise text, images and links.

  • Twitter Card

    A Twitter card allows content to be tailored to enrich the media experience of users when tweets contain links to a website's content.


Looking to expand sales to the online world? Escape being restricted to the reality of physical stores and the geographical downsides that come with them. eCommerce allows you to sell both physical and online products anytime, anywhere.

*Additional costs apply if you would like to include WooCommerce or if you would like our team to create your online store for you. Please ask our team for more infomation.

  • Integrated Online Store

    Create your very own online store personalised to your business and it's needs. Sell products and organise shipping and payment.

  • Afterpay Integration

    Give your customers the option to buy now and pay later with Afterpay. This feature allows the integration of Afterpay on your website.

  • No Product Limit

    Customers on a shopping spree? How as many or as little products as you want! This feature also allows customers to freely purchase quantities.

  • Transaction Fees*

    We don't charge transaction fees when your products are sold on the OVA platform. However, a transaction fee may be charged by your online bank.

  • Guest Checkout

    Enrich your customer's online experience with guest checkout. No need for logins and passwords when purchasing products from your store.

  • CSV Product Import/Export

    Functionality made easy. This OVA feature allows you to import, export and/or update thousands of your products in your online store.

  • Stripe POS Integration

    Have flexible, easy-to-use point of sale payment processing with Stripe for your online store so you can get back to business. 

  • Mailchimp Integration

    OVA provides you with easy Mailchimp integration. Add new customers and subscribers to your Mailchimp newsletter list.

  • Facebook Ads Integration

    Broadcast your business and its content with Facebook Ads. This feature allows the integration of social network advertising and targeting.

  • Google Ads Integration

    Gain further insight into the performance of your campaigns. OVA can provide you with the integration of Google Ads to increase your marketing.

  • Customer Accounts

    Strengthen business branding and product sales with customer accounts. Enable your customers and users to create their own account with your online store.

  • One-Click Refunds

    Sometimes we all need to refund an order for different reasons. Boost customer happiness and loyalty through one-click refunds.

  • Affiliate Products

    Need a feature suited for affiliate marketing? OVA provides you with ways to promote and sell an affiliate's products through your store.

  • PayPal & Stripe Credit Card Payment Processing

    OVA provides you with the flexibility of tools like PayPal and Stripe to handle online payment processing for your online business.

  • Delivery & Shipping Options

    Instil confidence and brand loyalty by providing your customers with a diverse range of flexible delivery and shipping options.

  • Shipping

    Alongside a variety of delivery and shipping options, OVA provides your online business with configurable and manageable FREE shipping options.

  • Coupons

    Celebrating a birthday or holiday? Let OVA's coupon system create the perfect gift or sale event to keep your customers engaged.

  • Powerful Sales Reporting

    This OVA feature provides you with the ability to gain insight, review and monitor product sales through a report system so you get the most out of your store.

  • Inventory & Order Management

    Run your online store like a boss with inventory and order management. Keep track of sales, orders and much more.

  • Physical & Digital Product Sales

    Sell physical products (like clothing, books and toys etc) through to digital products (eBooks, software, online courses etc).

  • eWAY Payment Gateway

    Take credit card payments directly on your store without redirecting your customers to a third party site to make payment.