How to Add & Modify Buttons

This video looks at how you can add links to buttons in a few easy steps.

1. Click the OVA Builder button in the top dark bar under the URL.

2. Once in editing mode, click on the button that you would like to edit.

3. A box will appear with settings. Go to the Link section.

4. To add a link, there are two options that you can follow:

Option 1 - Copy and paste a URL into the link section.
Option 2 - Click the Select button to enter a page name in the Start Typing box. Once the name of the chosen page appears in the drop down below, click the page name to select it.

5. You can choose for the link to go into a new window by clicking New Window or by make search engines ignore the link by clicking No Follow.

6. Click Save.

7. Click the Done button in the top right hand corner before clicking Publish.

8. Test the button by clicking on it to make sure the link has the desired action.

Tip: Website pages with links to other pages on a website generally tend to do better in Google search engine rankings than those that don't.