How to Add Prebuilt Pages

Learn how to add and customise prebuilt pages to your website pages for fast and easy building. To start, simply follow the steps below:

1. Click OVA Builder before clicking on the blue plus button in the right hand corner on the blue plus sign.

2. In the dark blue dropdown box, click on the Template section.

3. Click on the Group dropdown bar showing the types of page templates. For a specific type of content page, click on Content Pages.

4. After clicking on Content Pages, choose from the templates in the list and click.

5. A box will come up asking you 'What would you like to do?'. To replace the entire page layout, click Replace Existing Layout. If you would like to keep both the current page layout and include the new page template, click Append New Layout.

6. Click OK when a white box appears asking would you like to replace the existing layout.

7. To edit text and image elements on the updated page layout, simply click and save once you are done.

8. Click the blue Done button in the top right hand corner and then click Publish.